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How We Decide | Notes

Predictions of dopamine - Consciousness May be an important part but it’s a slave to everything that lives beneath it. - Expectation is the result of dopamine neurons and their predictions based on past experiences. When we aren’t correct (or our experiences and...

Facebook Marketing Basics

Facebook Marketing Basics

To start any digital marketing campaign, you need a few things but the first I want to talk about is traffic sources. For those of you who don't understand what I mean by traffic, I mean people that are on the internet usually locally or nationally that visit your...

Digital Marketing & Machine Learning Pair Up

Digital Marketing & Machine Learning Pair Up

Combining Digital Marketing, Machine Learning and Psychometrics To Positively Impact The World We recently finished a project with Mental Gurus to see what kind of data they could collect and use to help improve their pattern recognition and other processes that help...

What is SEO? Why is it important?

What is SEO? Why is it important?

So, what's this so called "SEO"? Search Engine Optimization, known better as "SEO" is the organic / unpaid side of increasing the amount of key words and phrases that are related to your products/services that your website shows up for when searched by people online....

core services

Consultations are personalized one on one sessions that can be scheduled as far out in advance as you need. These sessions can fall underneath a plethora of categories which will be found on our terminology page that we have in a draft format currently but will be posted and linked here soon. But for now, you can see what digital marketing entails here and the interplay of the components within.
Brand development
Branding is the essence of how you are perceived by those who come in contact with your business, your employees or any of its content. We optimize the image you’d like to retain with your current audience and target audience.
Website Design & strategy

Your website design and website architecture are both a vital part of laying the foundation for good SEO and user experience so you start being noticed by Google’s bots. This in turn brings in traffic and helps those people who are searching for information, products or services that you’ll likely have like yours come to you instead of your competition and enjoy their time perusing through your content and learning more about your company.

SEO services
SEO ensures that your website is found when people are searching for products and services related to yours. Doing proper SEO not only increases site traffic but also increases the quality of the traffic since the prequalification for them coming to your website organically is usually them searching for something similar to or along the same lines as whatever it is they’re looking for. This dramatically increases the likeliness of MQLs and SQLs being captured and likely a lot faster.
content strategy development + handoff
Content strategy brings together content marketing and SEO. Content strategy comes from good research and a deep understanding of how your ideal customer(s) manuever the internet so you can focus on the channels and areas that they care about most.
Lead generation
Our lead generation packages have all of the digital marketing services we mentioned above intertwined into somewhat of an equation we’ve been able to come to know how to get to by asking some basic questions. Schedule a discovery call to learn more about what we offer or check out our service and pricing pages here.

The OptimAudience team is in the process of setting up and managing our social media and SEO campaigns for PayProTec Elite. I have had the opportunity to work with many different agencies over the years and Dakota and team at OptimAudience are in a separate class all their own. They know the workings of what it takes to rapidly increase organic listings faster than I have ever seen before. They also have the algorithms for social media and PPC advertising down to a science which is going to save our business thousands of wasted dollars in trial and error. We will never use another firm again!

Travis Patten