My name is Dakota Hanshew. I’ve been passionate about the digital world since I was about 17. I started studying it heavily along with other entrepreneurial material and eventually invested into starting my own drop-shipping¬† business and started using and studying Facebook ads and creating effective social media marketing campaigns that generated revenue and high margins with effective branding that increased perceived value.

I figured out after 6-8 months of generating solid revenue with drop-shipping that it wasn’t something I found very fulfilling. I wanted to do more for people than just sell them a one off product that doesn’t increase in value at all. I also found that I wasn’t developing relationships with people like I wanted to.¬†

So, I gave that up and started doing google ads for a construction company where I revamped their website and then started doing Google ads and SEO. I worked with them for a couple months before getting a request from them for me to stop ads and other things I was doing because I was generating too much demand for them to keep up with. It was at that point that I really knew that what I was doing was not only helping but exceeding expectations with how much I thought it could help.

Since then I’ve worked with payment processing companies, car dealerships, photographers, AC companies, psychometric AI companies, Sales gurus and other people/entities.

But I’ve reduced the amount of clients I’m working with now because I want to start on a new path of helping coaches and other people that help people in a big way in a one on one setting. The main reason behind this decision is because I feel as if technology is slowly reducing the amount of actual connection a lot of people get today and lots of people need guidance which is why I’m primarily focused on the coaching space at least for now.

If you or anyone you know is a coach that would like help with getting more clients with the flip of a switch, I’d very much love to help them. I have a pretty unique approach to client acquisition and its focused on content creation and distribution that guides prospects from awareness to conversion.

If you’d like to learn more about how I do this you can read my post here on the customer journey which gives a general overview of the psychological sales process and then my other post lead generation for coaches.

Whatever position you’re in, if you need any help feel free to book a discovery call with me here and I can see how I or someone in my large network of marketers and marketing consultants can help.