Marketing & Sales AI Services

Using different kinds of data (web, crm, transaction history, email communications, etc.) we can predict a wide variety of outcomes, tell you what campaigns to send which audience segment, and much more. Our AI is used in three main ways:

1. Insights

2. Recommendations

3. Predictions

What AI Can Do For Sales & Marketing Ops



Shift resources to campaigns that are highest priority


Ideal Rep and Customer assignments /pairing

Lead Scores

Predicts purchase likelihood on a scale of 1-100

Lifetime Customer Value

Shift org resources to products driving adoption

Channel Recommendations

Meet Customers where they are and where they’ll most likely respond

Preferences and Personas

acquire Customer profiles, segments, and decisioning


Shift org resources to products driving adoption 

“You Should Try…”

Prioritize new products

Flash Sales

Predicts purchase likelihood on discounted products

“Users Ultimately Bought”

Most-likely Purchase

Cross-Sell Insights/recommendations

Frequently Bought Together

Repeat Purchase and Refills

Drive subscriptions and avg order value