Combining Digital Marketing, Machine Learning and Psychometrics To Positively Impact The World

We recently finished a project with Mental Gurus to see what kind of data they could collect and use to help improve their pattern recognition and other processes that help increase their ability to serve humanity using psychometrics and machine learning algorithms.

This Silicon slopes article was written by Bridger Jensen (Founder & CEO) and display his obvious enthusiasm for helping improve the world and humanity through technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

During the COVID-19 outburst, Mental Gurus put together a 40-question test (one of their many self-improvements and self-awareness tests) to help participants determine their risk of not only having the virus but also how likely it was for them to contract the virus in the near future based on their current habits and other variables asked about throughout the test.

The test’s truthfulness reliability/validity were obviously dependent on the input and self-perceived truths of the individual taking the test.

Here’s a short video of Bridger going into a bit of detail about it and how people would help us help them through taking the test and therefore improve the machine learning process we’re trying to help architect alongside Mental Gurus.

Bridger and I ran Facebook ads to attract and convert prospects into hot leads that we went on to collect tons of data about.

We didn’t do this without permission either like a lot of sketchy (we won’t name names but) tech companies usually would.

Bridger Jensen just knew that people would be open and transparent with their answers if they wanted legitimate results when they were finished with the test.

I’m going to go over the amazing outcome we had with this and how we did it.

Let’s start with a few terms/acronyms you’ll need to be familiar with before I get into the details.

CPC: Cost per click

Conversion rate: The percentage of people that end up converting into a lead or sale out of the ones that showed intent or interest in some way based on their online interactions with our lead magnet or other offers.

CPA: Cost per acquisition or cost of actually capturing a leads information and getting them into your database or CRM as a lead.

Here are the results we got from running highly targeted Facebook ads to certain types of people on facebooks ad platform.

These results we got were nothing short of mind-boggling to me and other business owners I’ve shown these metrics to.

Customized Facebook Ads Dashboard
An example of split tests and what did and didn’t work well with our interest and behavioral-based targeting methods.

To simplify this for you if it still isn’t perfectly clear how to measure or read this information, we spent a very small amount since this was just supposed to be a simple test of $387 and in return, we got over 1000 leads (1021 to be precise).

And according to Bridger approximately 50 percent of those leads we captured created a mental gurus account and filled out the full 40 question COVID-19 survey which gave us almost every data point you’d want on someone in order to sell them almost anything (which to be very clear isn’t the intent of doing any of this. But it just goes to show how powerful this systematic approach to data collection is).

This was an eye-opener. I’ve never seen that much data collected for so little in my life without some massive user base already being aggregated and habitually visiting a platform before.

These results are still mind-boggling to me.

If anyone would’ve told us that quiz-based lead magnets and personalized tests were a possible and even advanced method for lead generation and massive data collection I wouldn’t have believed them before this.

on top of getting the usual first, last, email. call I close we also went on to collect about 40 more deep data points from a simple questionnaire posed at the right time and about 50% of the ones that went through the

Let’s discuss a bit more about Mental Gurus now and exactly how they come into play in the long term and why we decided to partner with them in their endeavors.

Mental gurus isn’t just a company. It’s a company founded by one of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever met in my life.

His name is Bridger Jensen. And he’s been working on the Mental Gurus project for over 7 years in order to help people understand and better themselves at scale.

His background? He used to be a therapist.

There was a point in time about 7 years ago when he realized his capabilities to help the world and the people living on it were limited and confined to how long he had to spend with individuals in one on one sessions.

And even then, he wouldn’t know for sure how his biases and subjective opinions were impacting what advice he was giving to people when they came to him during therapy sessions.

So, that sparked his idea and passion to start what’s now known as Mental Gurus.

Now, he’s the founder and CEO of (opinion) the most powerful behavioral-based / predictive analysis machine learning company to date.

Our plan is to help him and his data science team find the patterns and answers to reduce the amount of suffering in the world.

When I refer to patterns, I’m referring to the patterns in the way people do things, the way people say things, the way people think, the way people relate, the way people interact, etc.

Everything is malleable to an extent and we want to help push in the direction which will most likely lead to a positive future for our children and future generations to come.

We believe we can do lots more than we are now to fight the world’s largest mental and physical hurdles people deal with today while going throughout their lives.

Depression, anxiety, and suicide rates in young adults are all rising at rates that are surprising and very scary.

And the level of impact these issues have directly or indirectly on the rest of the world isn’t even quantifiable at this point in time.

The underlying patterns I mentioned above are actually usually highly (but indirectly) correlated and are often the determinants of the paths and outcomes of people’s lives.

You can help us achieve this shared vision of improving the human experience by signing up for a mental gurus account and then taking any of the following tests below this to better know and understand yourself while simultaneously gaining an improved ability to understand how you fit into this world.

Every test you take helps us improve our ability to help others that may be struggling in some way at any time in the future.

Thank you in advance for your help and willingness to contribute to such an awesome cause.

And what a wonderful time it is to live in a time where technology can help us improve at such a rapid rate.

General test – Help mental gurus understand how you and others fit into the world and correlate general patterns and findings.

Personality Test

Big 5 Personality test – Measures levels of neuroticism, extroversion, openness, conscientiousness, and agreeableness.

Depression screening

ADHD screening

Anxiety screening

16 personalities test / Jungian Index (MGJI)

If you’d like to know more about how we did this and how we can help you or your business generate leads while helping humanity through pattern finding, set up a 30-minute discovery call.