My name is Dakota Hanshew. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. and I don’t see myself moving anytime soon.

I graduated in 2015 and went on to serve a 2 year mission for my church right after graduation.

I’ve been passionate about the digital world since I was about 17. I started studying it heavily along with other entrepreneurial and personal growth material at about 16 and eventually invested some money into starting my own drop-shipping brand and started using and studying Facebook ads and creating effective social and search campaigns.

Here’s a small list of the kinds of areas I enjoy working in and learning more about with clients:

– Artificial intelligence / Machine learning

– SaaS

– Psychology

– coaching

– consulting

– life sciences

Whatever position you’re in, if you need any help feel free to book a discovery call with me here and I can see how I or someone in my large network of marketers and marketing consultants can help.

I wish you and your business the best and hope you crush your goals this year.

All the best,

Dakota Hanshew