Marketing & Sales AI Services

Custom modeled ai solutions built just for you and your business

some of what AI Can Do For marketing & sales Ops: 


Shift resources to campaigns that are highest priority

Lifetime Customer Value

Shift org resources to products driving adoption and identifying the most valuable population segments

Cross-Sell/Upsell Insights

Frequently Bought Together


Ideal Sales Rep and Customer assigning/pairing


Shift org resources to products driving adoption 

Channel Recommendations

Meet customers where they are and where they’ll most likely respond. We tell you in descending order what channels to communicate with your contacts on and when in order to maximize the likelihood of getting a response.

Lead Scores

Predicts purchase likelihood on a scale of 1-100

Flash Sales

Predicts purchase likelihood on discounted products and new deals

Preferences and Personas

Acquire Customer profiles, segments, and decisioning

Repeat Purchase and Refills

Drive subscriptions and average order value

examples of other things we can predict, recommend, and automate for your business

  1. We can help you identify high maintenance prospects/inbound leads that will likely lead to low, zero, or even negative ROI  for your business. aka we can tell you if you should take certain people on as clients before you even call them or make contact for the first time so you don’t waste your time with what we call “hoppers”.
  2. We can tell you of your 500K contacts in your database which ones are still in market to buy a product or service on a scale of 0-100. 
  3. We can tell you who to hire and who not to based on criteria (skills/competency and culture/characteristics/behaviors)
  4. We can automate audience segmentation by psychographic segment and then automate the kind of emails or ad campaigns you should use for each segment and the kind of content/persuasion angle to use for them to maximize clicks, conversions and obviously sales
  5. We can predict which of your current clients are likely to churn within 30-60 days (or other timeframe)
  6. We can predict which segments of your contacts will buy specific product/service you have to offer
  7. we can tell you which new leads need to get introduced to new products and services slowly to maximize LTV and decrease the chances of them churning down the road and with that we can also tell you which new leads can afford and will want the best stuff or bundle of products/services introduced and used asap.

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