Facebook Ads Services

Facebook ads are essential for growth. They aren’t the only kinds of ads that can be used obviously but they’re undoubtedly some of the most effective, reliable and robust.

Why Facebook Ads?

targeting capabilities

Facebook has a plethora of targeting capabilities and options to choose from. This ensures your ads are being seen by people most like the people who would likely do business with you.

test and optimize

With facebook ads, you can create and test as many variations of an ad as you can come up with. This allows for a lot of room to play and innovate.


Facebook allows us to retarget people who have visited specific URLs on our website within the last 24 hours and 90 days. Retarget more, stay top of mind, and convert more site visitors into paying customers or clients.

Video ads

Something that works really well is facebook video ads and retargeting people based on the view percentage of the video. Facebook allows you to target people that watched 25, 50, 75, 95 or 100 percent of a video.

Custom audiences

You can create audiences that are similar to the people who have  interacted with your website content, people who are on your email list(s), people who have liked your page, etc. And facebook effectively finds people similar to them and allows you to target them with ads or content.

ongoing analysis

Something that we always make sure of is that we constantly watch and tweak campaigns according to performance. 

Our Facebook Ads Process

Audience Research & Analysis

Strategy Development

Campaign Set Up & Automation 

Ongoing Optimization

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