Social media marketing

Use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter,  snapchat and others to reach your audience and generate more demand for your products, services and offers. 

The Three Paths To More Profits

The only three ways to increase profitability in any business are:

1. Decrease overhead/operating costs (decrease necessity for manual labor using digital tools)

2. Increase the lifetime value of your current client base (make more offers to current clients and increase revenue without additional acquisition costs)

3. Increase client volume (get more people to do business with you that haven’t before)


Our Goal & Process

Our goal is to maximize efficiency and profitability in businesses by using technology and data to drive more accurate, timely, and profitable decisioning methods.

We start by assessing your company and do a deep dive into how the business currently operates.

From there with the data we have, we can tell what direction will MOST positively impact margins in the shortest amount of time.

Many times the first and highest value step is to replace manual labor with software and tools that enable you to free up your current talent to do higher value tasks on a day to day basis leaving the menial low value tasks like data entry to be done by software or automation of some sort.

This enables your team to work on higher value tasks and help grow and be a part of the strategy for growing the other aspects of the business and contribute in a way they weren’t previously able to because they were too busy with high volumes of low value tasks that just ate up time without contributing to the growth or advancement of the company.

Then, once foundations are laid and scalable operations are in place, we discuss in more depth how we can bring more value to your current clients and max out LTV  while simultaneously reducing churn.

Finally, we build (or improve upon) the digital marketing and sales machine currently in place.

Our goal is to walk you through the process of turning general marketing campaigns into a living, ever-growing, and ever-improving money-multiplying tool that feeds off of data from marketing campaigns we help you run on an ongoing basis.

And when your business is ready for it, we introduce your business to AI and machine learning processes that will enable you to operate at maximum efficiency in all aspects of your business. This is the phase we call the auto-decisioning phase which we will get to later. But think of it as transferring intuition to a machine and having an automated tool that makes decisions for you like you would using data from a variety of sources within your business.

Get in touch if you’d like help with anything mentioned in our above process.

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